What Our Clients Are Saying

The doctors gave me meds to help my withdrawals until I could take suboxone safely. That was the key for me to stay in treatment because I was horrified of being sick. I’ll do anything not to be sick but at Powell, they made sure my withdrawals were at a minimum.
— M.P. Client

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I went back out … because I wasn’t dealing with my dual diagnosis. This time I focused a lot on my mental health and my behaviors along with my attitude. It’s amazing what mental health treatment has done. The mental health treatment and the facilitators have really helped me.
— M.J. Client

I had a lapse in judgement that brought me back to Powell. I was welcomed with no shame or embarrassment back to Powell. I learned this time to pay more attention to my mental health because it goes hand in hand with my addiction. The counselors are amazing. They are on top of their job. They will listen and help you in any way they can.Ms. Loretta is wonderful. She fought for me when I felt like giving up.
— T.A. Client

“Powell Recovery Center is awesome. The facilitators strengthen me and I have gotten something from each one of them. Powell keeps me striving to stay clean and gives me the strength and the tools that I can use.”
— C.M. Client